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  1. i told all of you the market was going much lower. now you guppies see the market go down one day and you become huge bears.

    stop waiting for huge selloffs to sell short and huge rallies to buy. you will lose money doing this. pay attention to the fundamentals, theyre terrible. that wont change soon. its not too late for you to start shorting and dumping your positions. do it monday morning.

    the market will indeed go lower - maybe not monday, or next week, but soon enough it will go much lower.

    Now then.

    some of you are still gonna be lulled into buying dips, don't do that just yet.

    bulls: when the market goes into free fall and you finally decide to sell it will be the worst time.

    that will be the time to go long. i cant wait...

    i envision a massive 2-3 day selloff, which will mark a great buying opportunity - unsure of the timing. i'll know it when i see it, and i may be so kind as to inform you all.

    then, you buy and hold, boys. simple.

    ok, the lesson for today is done.
  2. no offense but even a broken clock is right twice a day!!!!!!!!
  3. yes, but its pretty tough to be adding to positions when market goes up for days on end, and talk everywhere is extremely bullish.

    everywhere on here people turned crazy bullish and i was one of the few, along w a couple other smart posters, who were contrarian - which is always tougher, and deserves some credit.

    btw jay, you always seem to have some wise ass comment to make. methinks youre a hater dude :(
  4. Could you show us your record in which you did well, and any miss if any? I am talking about timing turning points (tops and bottoms) or only tops (bottoms) if you specialize in tops (bottoms). Calling the down days of this week today does not count. You should predict it at about the time it is happening (on same day, or plus/minus one day).

    Also you mention there are some top timers here, could you name a handful of these people (according to the rule I mention in the paragraph above)? Thank you

    PS: Anyone reading this may jump in and answer the relevant parts of my question. Thank you.
  5. FWIW today's steep decline was not backed by large institutional dumping.

    Re: we will be moving back up as they accumulate more shares (as seen from index volume charts).

    Lol, "lesson of the day".


  6. FWIW today's steep decline was not backed by large institutional dumping.

    Re: We will be moving back up as they accumulate more shares. (See from index volume charts).

    Lol, "lesson of the day".


  7. A loss is a loss. Forget about that talk of not backed by whoever that is. Understand that you get to take the money from them. They should back you at the bottom, not at the top. They should off-load completely at the bottom, when you cover and start loading, then you sell to them at the top. When the guys with a tailored suite shows up, you should have already counted your money and show him who really is ruling the market.

    Do not follow that garbage talk of institutions. It is valid only on the way up. They are too heavy to get out quick. Be like a guerrilla/bird/whatever, take their lunch and leave them in the dust salivating the juicy taste of their money sleeping in peace in your deep pockets....
  8. Couldn't agree more. There is a certain smell to a panic sell-off. There will be fear in the atmosphere so thick you can cut it with a knife. You have to have been through one before to recognize it when it happens and it will happen.

  10. You did not tell him how to push the guillotine.
    Maybe like eletronic taps, it starts the cutting,
    once the hands are in safely in.

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