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  1. I am not disciplined enough to trade.. and I'm just about out of capital.. This is the 4th time I've blown my account.. I've managed to lose $4,500 since the 18th of July.. one month basically

    I think you might starting out each time without enough money. I think you might be too hard on yourself.

    If you truely love trading then it is important to survive. Next time you come back, try to have enough money to set your stops risking just 1% of your bankroll, if you trade futures.

    Michael B.
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  2. That was the most inspired, eloquent, insightful book I have ever read. Amazing!

    Thank you newtoet for sharing that. Just what I needed.


    Bruce Hawkins
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  3. ElCubano


    Great advice,.....thank you for taking the time to write this down...
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  4. Newtoet,

    Thanks for the site. Will read it ASAP..

    I've read some other books in this area..

    Napolean Hill's .. Think Rich or something like that

    Tony Robbins..

    Mark Douglas's 2 books focus on this area as well.. read those..

    They haven't seem to help.. but when I think about it.. I've never followed through on the exercises.. usually about a week or so..

    I definitely need to work on this.. and need to make it my first priority..

    In the process of setting up my life to remind myself of these things..

    Thanks to all for the responses and advice..
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  5. dbphoenix


    As you've figured out, reading this stuff isn't enough. If the contents of these books (I'm familiar only with Douglas) struck no chords, opened no windows, then even "studying" them wouldn't do much good. What is more likely is that you're just not ready to "hear" what's in these books. When you are, you'll wonder why you didn't see all this before.
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  6. Absolutely true... more insight in what DB says than first meets the eye!

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  7. Thanks to all who've responded.

    Its reinforced some of my thinking..

    I have a problem. but the good thing is that I know what it is.. I see it.. I've acknowledged it and now its time to figure out how to correct it..

    I KNOW that once I have my discipline issues intact I will be a profitable trader...

    I overtrade.. take trades that aren't in my system out of boredom.. just like someone mentioned..

    when I start again I need to realize that I do not need to be in the market everyday..

    Also, I need to stick to my plan..

    A great example.. if you look at the Emini today..

    My system would have shorted that gap up bar that closed negative..

    And I would have most likely closed that postion out prematurely once those bottom tails started to form after the 3rd or 4th bar instead of holding and leaving my original stop at the high of the entry bar.. which resulted in a good move..

    Hope everyone has a good trading day.. I know I will. No losses..

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  8. Wish you the best.
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  9. gg12


    Hi Flashboy,

    you are saying that you have discipline issues that block you to become a profitable trader.

    You also recognized that you overtraded and were in trading stress each day and each minute.

    But you have a plan and system.

    Can you system be applied to different time frames? Are you willing to tell us about your system, starting today and adding more infos every day at a specified time?
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  10. Hi gg,

    Yes.. its simple.. I've posted it in my journal titled "Flash's Self Improvement Journal"

    The Emini,

    I'm only going to describe one side.. of course the opposite applies to go short or long as well..

    these are based off of 5 minute charts..

    Gap up 5 pts or more.. short if reversal down bar forms.. like the one today....
    If mkt doesn't show reversal bar and doesn't fill gap within 5 bars look to go long.. only if the bars being formed do not show significant top tails..

    Pullbacks the the 20 Exp. movg. avg.. when prices is trending up and pulls back the the movg avg. and then forms small range bar, hammer bar or engulfing bar.. go long..

    Reversals.. if market trending down.. stochastics is oversold.. and reversal bar forms.. i.e. hammer, engulfing bar, doji.. go long..

    I also like the three little Indians pattern described in Rashke's street smarts book.. always looking for the reversal on these


    Using 10 minute chart.. look for pullback to the 20 EMA.. many times price will ride the movg avg. then take off.. only trde with the trend..

    Thats it.. if you have any questions let me know.. any criticisms. please send also.. I like to hear outside views...
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