I'm Taking A Bath on Telestone Tech. TST

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by DrAtomic, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Dipped under 5 bucks. Should I cut and run or hold a day or 2? :confused:
  2. For a second it looked like you were taking a bath in testosterone.
  3. Ride it out to zero.... Be a real man.

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  6. Dr,

    Where did you place your stop? If it passed your stop,get out now and do it over correctly. If you never had a stop to begin with, you better rethink your strategy.

    Only you can follow your strategy whatever it may be, which would be totally different than anyone elses. If you are asking will it go up or down, I have no idea. I don't make predictions even one second into the future. If I were trading TST, all I would know is if it met my system's criteria at any particular moment.
  7. Dr. Atomic,

    I looked at a quote. This stock trades at an average volume of 21000 shares. This is not the stock to trade at all.

    If your going to exit out of your position, you will have to carefully sneak out. Do limit orders of a few hundred shares. If your trade station allows hit, try to hide the amount from the level IIs.

    On IB, you can modify the display size. You have to be real careful here.

    This is my opinion. I feel that its dangerous to trade an equity with less then 1 million in volume. The reason being is that when you set a stop order, if the volume is real light, your stop order is going to the floor.
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    What the hell is going on with this stock? Does it exist anymore?:mad:
  9. They changed exchanges from AMEX to NASDAQ.

    New symbol TSTC
  10. Preserved brilliance. :D
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