Im Starting To Notice A Pattern...Again

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  1. Stock index futures rise overnight, like magic. Then are sold when the cash markets open. Gee where have I seen this before. Today the pesky CPI crashed the rise before the cash open
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    yes. Shorting the open appears to be waht all the good traders do everyday nowadays. Would like a little gap up tomorrow so i can join them. It seems to work very nice and you can hold all day. I guess it's just how to trade the bear market we're in
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    The secret of easy money has finally been revealed
  4. Guess what will happen tomorrow.
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    Don't mortgage your house or don't use your wife as collateral for a loan in order to short, unless...:D
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    Well, you failed last night. Will you try it again tonight?

    F the overnight trade BS, we want to see more of your interesting automated system that is generating you net profits.
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  8. You calling a big up day tomorrow, McNoob?
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    His post was made last night, so his tomorrow is yesterday's today. He has not made a post about tomorrow, today.

    It's very scary that I remember watching this TV special when it aired. I have a weird memory, because I can tell you fuck all about what happened in the world last week.
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    NQ 12 May pattern

    NQ was actually ranging / swinging up and down and up and down
    with a big day range of 3.5%

    You can divide the NQ chart into 4 distinct segments.
    Of course, during actual trading, the distinction was very hazy.

    during European session - it went down
    during early US session - it went up
    during mid US session - it went down
    during end US session - it went up

    day traders attempt to catch these 4 major moves.
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