I'm sorry, but I have to rob you.

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  1. I guess this guy has never heard of Section 8 housing or food stamps/food banks.

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  2. Nicest robbery ever. All robbers should have class like this. Heart warming.
  3. Locutus


    Are store owners insured against this stuff or something? Cos if I were the store owner I wouldn't buy that guy was going to shoot or even do much physical harm of any sort.

    Some punk-ass stupid kid hysterical on meth with a gun is a far more effective robber than this.

    By the way, the fact that the store owner offered him $40 for free means there is still some small amount of hope left. Hell I'd probably do the same just cos I'm being robbed so nice.
  4. another thing. this guy doesn't have any damn kids that need to be fed! hahah.

    They would have to be about 30 years old at this point. :p
  5. If someone has the nerve to rob someone at gunpoint, I think they would have the nerve to shoot him too. And when someone points a gun at you, its a whole different story when its actually you.

    Dont believe me? Go get one of your closest friends, give him a loaded gun, and tell him to point the gun at you for 15 seconds. See how nervous you get when its someone you know for a fact wont shoot you. So when a stranger does it, even if he is polite, you really dont want to take that risk.
  6. Exactly, and its a terrible risk/reward. Risking your life for a couple hundred bucks. No thanks.
  7. He married a young hottie but obviously she is high maintenance.
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    no money in the world is worth your life, but there is something about getting robbed/violated that has nothing to do with the actual money that makes people do crazy stuff. Look at the old lady with the purse.....super granny :D
  9. BSAM


    They really don't want to shoot you. Our "professional" thugs in America clearly know the penalties for murder vs robbing aren't favorable. But, there would be no point for the store operator to take the risk.

    I wonder if criminals in the USA will soon become a "protected class"? Afterall, Obama seemed so proud recently of the murderer, Michael Vick.
  10. I like how he paid a couple dollars for his merchandise first and THEN robbed him lmao
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