I'm sorry but, Don Miller seems like such a fraud

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    I watch his videos and its really funny.

    He talks so much about how he's not interested in marketing and how he doesn't "seek out" customers for his 10K (or whatever it is) jelly training but he sure as hell talks an awful lot about it and he has like 1000 links to his costly "educational" stuff on his website. Also, he talks a lot about trading without really saying anything and compares trading to playing instruments. His "blog" looks like a giant billboard.

    What serious trader has freaking hats and tshirts made up with their logo! haha.

    Compare all that to Al brooks and what he offers and its night and day. I hate to even mention Al's name in this post because I feel like I'm offending Al by even comparing the two!
  2. I feel like your offending Audi by having Audi r8 as your name
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    You're not adding anything productive to the topic.
  4. Neither did you...that was my whole point didn't think I had to spell it out for you
  5. No offense but adding the devil"s number after your name screams that you have issues
  6. First, the number of the devil is more likly to be 616 not 666

    Second, the devil is a fictional creature who someone decided to connect 666 to, in my mind 666 has nothing to do with the devil but if you want to be a sheep and follow along then you got more issues than me
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    Serious, no offense, but shouldnt you use a 7 after your name instead of an 8
  8. This is exactly why this site has become a joke. Too many ppl talking about devil numbers and other garbage instead of the subject at hand.

    Now, to get back to the subject of this thread ...

    Don Miller: what do you think he makes more money at?

    A- personal trading his own acct

    B- selling his services on his trading site

    ...shouldnt be too hard to figure it out. Do you think if he was making big bucks trading he would waste his time pushing his site and services?. Hell, he even tries to sell baseball caps with his business name on it.......truly pathetic
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    I dont subscribe to anything he does, nor have i ever bot any of his products.

    But he is a businessman at heart, entrepreneur. He has little trinkets to sell here and there, he is a capitalist. More power to him.

    His pysch talk about the market is the real deal, so who cares if he can sell a coffee cup to some rookie. Do you think he gets rich from that. ??

    So, i could work up some AP news repeater sites and do some linked to Reuters sites , and make a couple hundred from google ads or click ads, etc.. Do i want to ? No. Could I, if needed to? Yes. Am i motivated to? Nope, trading is doing just fine, i like doing charity work on the side while waiting for my triggers.

    He has a different type of motivation that you or I do. So what, leave it alone.

  10. A good trader (not even a GREAT trader) would have to acknowledge that being a vendor--running a trading business (books, courses, websites, and such--is an unproductive use of one's time.

    A good trader would know that if one has an edge, then one can increase one's size. A good trader would work on THAT, not on vendor stuff.

    For a good trader who trades a highly liquid product, the sky is practically the limit. The ceiling for vendors is comparatively lower.

    Some traders may write books for other reasons (for ego, for personal glory). That to me is not a worthwhile cause, but to each his own.

    EDIT--some good traders have produced good stuff. Al Brooks is one. Lawrence Chan is another. But other than that, I don't know.
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