Im so sick of this PC crap!

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  1. Your tax dollars hard at work. Is it any wonder the public sector is such a mess? In Washington, DC a city worker, white guy of course, was fired for using the word "niggardly." Someone decided it was "offensive."
  2. One fucking bonehead and this is where we're headed? Figures it would start in the People's Republic of Califorrnia.

    Gee I didn't know my Simplex Master Clock system was racist and defamatory.

    Where *will* this shit end?
  3. Arnie


    Somebody ought to kick that guys ass!:D
  4. Sanjuro


    That reminds me of some article i read that complained
    about 'FireWire' for the PC because it sounded dangerous.

    FireWire is the alternative to the USB port which connects
    peripherals to the computer in case anyone didn't know.
  5. Maybe they should change the master/slave to Plantation Owner/Nigger and really piss them off. I know the suggestion is offensive.

    Are they going to edit the dictionary next and change the definition?

    What an absolute waste of time. If I see the people in LA who are responsible for this stupid request..... I'll kick them in the balls for everyone on the board.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving all.


  6. Ok... WHO THE HELL VOTED NO?!?!??! :mad:

    Let's line them up and kick em in the balls :D


  7. If I'm not mistaken, I think the terms "master" and "slave" have been around for at least 10 years, if not longer. It took someone over ten years to decide that it was in poor taste?

    I could see if they used a black jumper for the slave setting and a white jumper for the master setting, but this is going too far.

    Come on!

  8. Who else, axie!

    Actually, I think 'axeman' is a bit brutal too; you might want to consider toning it down a bit. I think it's a bit inconsiderate to the descendants of those beheaded.

    Btw, "PC Mania" isn't a monolithic mass movement. It's just that some folks like to make the world a slightly better place if they can. That's not so bad is it?

    (The can go too far sometimes though, like the thing AAA mentioned. Then again, we don't know the whole story.)
  9. Other Computer Terms Banned by Los Angeles County

    Los Angeles County recently asked vendors to stop using the
    term master/slave in product descriptions and labelling.
    Here are some other terms that they wanted changed and their

    11. SCSI - Cleanliness impaired
    10. Killer App - Socially Maladjusted App
    9. USB - USA
    8. Floppy Drive - Erectile Dysfunction Drive
    7. DIP Switches - Mentally Challenged Switches
    6. HyperThreading - Attention Deficit Disability Threading
    5. Heat Sink - He/Sheat Sink
    4. Winmodem - Funmodem
    3. ATAPI Device - Native American Device
    2. Motherboard - Non-gender Specific Parentboard
    1. Cancel/Retry/Abort - Cancel/Retry/Allow Woman to Choose
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