I'm sick of trade station

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  1. how do I get to IB? Strategy Runner doesn't support IB? Where is tradeBolt? are they out of business?

    Because I about 50% of my strategies are day trading strategies I have sometimes a large percentage of my account at the EOD in cash. TradeStation doesn't squat. I need to get out!
  2. why not Multicharts?

    i understand most of TS strats will transfer to multicharts.

    and.. mc will connect to IB

  3. Just wondering will they be able to see your strategy code? They are from Russia, and not like there is anything wrong with Russia, however I feel that if you have a winning strategy that they might copy it and trade it for themselves
  4. Yeah Strategy Runner always seemed a bit creepy.

    "Hey! We keep your strategy on our servers...so it runs faster."

    Ok. Sure.
  5. huh?
    are you referring to MC?
    it's a standalone app on your machine..
  6. You mean tradestation pays ZERO interest on free cash right?

    I know what you mean, its a total ripoff anyone with a 6 figure account should not be with tradestation, forget the free $99 trade platform.

    I hear they make a bundle off the interest of their account holders.
  7. I understand that, but I don't think that ensures that they won't be able to see your strategies
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  9. Thats not a great setup, just pay for a feed. It takes 10 minutes to build up a chart using IB.

    I bought a permanent license to MC years ago, and used with IB, became very frustrated.

    Now I use what ever I want, and write it off at the end of the year.
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    Don't think for a minute that they care anything about your secret strategies.

    They will certainly make far more money from fees and commissions than they would trading any of their customers strategies.
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