I'm Sick of This Immigration Problem -- My Solution

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stylark3, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. stylark3


    Here's how you satisfiy everybody:

    Invite Mexico to become a part of our union.

    If we attempt to invade Mexico and take them over we have
    war in the streets of America.

    But, if we invite them to become the next 2 states of our union
    e.g. The states of North Mexico and South Mexico, then we may be successful in merging peacefully with them all around

    We all benefit, we get new resources that we can mine and develope for instance. And, they get all the benefits of states
    in America which include Federal Funding for various programs.
    This means the mexicans get access to their own charity health
    care instead of overrun ours. They'll be able to contribute legally
    to the Social Security system and pay federal tax revenues into
    our system and so on and so on.

    The only Mexicans that I think would object to this idea would be the Rich Mexican Elitist and Corrupt Government Mexican officials.

    So we have to coerse them into accepting our proposal to
    join our union by threatening them with something they will
    dread -- like deporting all 12 milliion illegals or denying them
    any opportunities to work here at all.

    This should force their hand to concede

    Agree or DisAgree?
  2. stylark3


    Furthermore, American Companies will be able to expand more
    easily into these new states and more of the illegals that are
    over here will be able to stay in the new states and work there.

    Likewise, more Mexican firms will be able to freely setup shop here -- Free Trade between the old states and the new states!

    And even better, we will be able to better secure our company
    from infiltration by terrorist because we will be able to document
    most people e.g. it will be harder for anyone to hide -- you know, like it is for us regular American folks right now?
  3. stylark3


    I meant, 'secure our country'
  4. LT701


    ummmmmm, disagree

    so.....a bunch of people come here without respect for our laws, and your solution is to join their country into ours

    i'm not that old, but sometimes i mourn the total loss of common sense in this country :(
  5. Why would we ever invade Mexico ? Do you have a screw loose or something ?
  6. Disagree, strongly disagree, why would any American want to see their nation merged with a corrupt third world nation that doesn't speak even their nation's language and has nothing to add except poverty, slaves, and maybe some oil.
  7. Good lord the solution is so much simplier.

    Just lay a mine field across the border and the problem is solved.

    It's cheap, effective and and mines can't be thrown in jail or accused of racism.

  8. LT701


    the solution is quite simple

    enforce the existing law, which provides for

    - fines for those who employ them

    - deportation for those here illegally

    use the employer fines to pay for deportation

    only thing missing, is the desire to really do it
  9. That's why land mines are so good. They aren't politically motivated nor will they ever change their mind.

    Give them the job and they will get it done.

  10. achilles28


    Great. Another shill for the New World Order.

    At least you're not afraid to admit it.
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