I'm sick of these cat attacks!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Optionspoet, Mar 15, 2007.

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  2. I hate cats. Why would someone would get a cat over a dog is something I guess I'll just never understand.
  3. maybe trendsailor will come in here and say the right thing to do is to slaughter all the cats... .after all they are the descendants of lions and tigers.

    or maybe we should put a cat into his new born baby's cradle and see if the cat scratches the shit out of the baby, chances are it will, and then he will go on a campaign to destroy all cats. because he believed the cats are evil.

    but really, it's his own stupidity for putting a child with a cat. Except, with dogs, you can teach them to be tolerant of children, but with cats, it's a totally different story because they have a mind of their own.

    So with all animals, you need to know about them, and train them accordingly. If you leave a baby alone with a cat, OR a dog (especially one who has never been socialized or taught) chances are, the animal, though not out to attack the kid, will probably be provoked and end up biting.

    Please dont blame the animals the moment something happens 'cuz most likely you're the one for the root of the problem.... you might not be the one who caused the bite, but you're the one who neglected to be responsible enough to properly train the animal, to socialize them with the baby so they know it's a member of the family and not a toy they can scratch or bite on out of curiosity or fun. You're the one who bought the animal and chose not to do any of the things a responsible owner should do and chose not to believe that dogs of any breed should not be left with toddlers. You're the one who chose not to do any research on the breed you decided to purchase, and you're the one who does not believe in keeping your dog on leash at public places.

    And yes, you can always just get a chiuhuahua and the worse thing that could happen is a paper-cut like bite, but that's the same behavior that a large breed dog would exhibit if nobody trains it, except in the big dog's case, the injury can be life threatening. But to say if we just get rid of these large breed dogs, and protection dogs, then that would solve the problem, you're just taking a shortcut in solving the problem... not to mention the injustice of it all.
  4. man


    ah, now we are talking. my cat sometimes hurts my
    daughter, but i am afraid it is always my girl's fault.
    she simply ignores all the warning signs ... naturally
    i close the cat away when other people are coming.
    above 80pounds they can appear quite frightening ...
  5. Fwiw-

    Dogs do more damage, Mr. Raven.

    Yes, i would, if i could, impose your variety of "will never happen" legal/responsibility controls on cats, too.

    "Quothe the raven".
  6. Cats are more intelligent than dogs. I've never had a cat that

    chased cars, or got lost in its own back yard. They are simple,

    independant creatures, while dogs require too much attention.

    OH, and I've never seen a cat sniff another animals asshole for

    pure pleasure then lick its owners face :eek:

  7. man


    i am afraid this is untrue. i have a cat and wish it wasn't.
    cats are just so strange that they appear to be more
    intelligent than they are. macho me just thought that
    they are very similar to women.
  8. man


    they require much less effort. that is the main argument
    for me.
  9. man


    when we got our baby, we decided that we only get a
    cat when the girl is grown up enough to be the "boss".
    when she was one we got the babycat and it turned
    out fine. the other way round is a more difficult situation
    i would think.
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