I'm sick of Fox and CNN

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jonbig04, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. They are so blatantly partisan its ridiculous. It's on both sides, yes BOTH. I have to go to both of them back to back to feel like I get a good picture of whats going on. I'm going to start going to BBC news...this is just stupid.
  2. Do you really get the partisan feeling watching Bill O Riley? Especially after his Obama interview?

    Bill - though tough for me to endure an hour of his personality, I believe he does try to stay fact based and politically asexual.

    As for Allen Combs, he only comes off as a weakling because of the indefensible position he has chosen. Of course IMO. :D:D
  3. Why do Matthews and Obermann come off as intellectual, and Hannity and O'Reilly as morons?? :confused:
  4. Depends on the Kool-aid your sipping. :D
  5. Matthews and Olbermann come off as unbalanced, and I don't mean politically. O'Reilly as an arrogant know-it-all, and Hannity as a whiny suck-up.
  6. I just watch the channel with the hottest babes now! Leave the sound off. All "reporters" have to do now is read the teleprompter, so they should get the hottest Playboy models to do it!!

    The opinion shows are monotonous. Lots of heat, no light. Boring.
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    There was a time when people were discouraged from having personal opinions...

    I'm not certain if that is or is not a better condition to live in ...