Im shorting Goog on Monday

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jreynolds212, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. For the last two years, Google has come down 20% from January to May. I say this year is no different. Im shorting Goog on Monday. Short and hold until May. Look at the chart, if thats not a top then what is?
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    Trade what you see and not what you think.
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  3. Be careful, on this....I would wait until it gets a little closer to 700.
    As you can see my post before, I have been shorting goog everytime it gets over 700. My new cost average is 727.??, not bad.

    I am on the same boat as you, I agree with you though.
  4. What GOOG did in the last 2 years should repeat itself this year based on your imagination?

    Why don't you use Tarot cards and Palm prints to predict stocks?
  5. Hehe. Well, indicators, sophisticated computer models, charts, etc. have failed many a trader in the past. Look at some of these Bear Stearns hedge funds, blown up, poof or what about Neiderhoffer.

    Im not saying that indicators and other such things are not helpful, they are, but keeping it simple is probably the best strategy at times.

    I dont claim to know more then the guys at Bear Stearns or Neiderhoffer, but I think knowing more can be a bad thing at times and just keeping things simple is a better strategy.

    The guys at Bear Stearns would have had more luck just by answering a few simple questions. Is the mortgage/housing market going up or down? The guys at Goldman answered correctly and their stock appears to have weathered the storm. The guys at Bear welll....

    So with that said, Im keeping it simple, it went down last year and it will go down this year. I have been wrong on occasion, but I havent blown an account yet,

  6. S2007S


    I see google dropping below $500....
  7. bgp


    i see goog dropping to where it started 80.00. :)

  8. Hell yeah, my plan is not to cover my goog until I see 500.

  9. Yeah keep it simple. Very simple.
  10. I see you are drunk.
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