Im shorting Ford at the open tommorrow April 4th

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  1. I say more downside to come...
  2. ok
  3. I hate Ford stock and their cars(stock ones too)


    Haven't traded Ford in ages. How many phantom shares will be traded. I'll set the over/under at 55M.

    Don't forget one of those morons at Fast Money (Adami I think loves Ford) Think he said load the boat at $8. What a tool. I hate analysts but I digress...
  4. Why bother? Maximum profit is just ~$6. :D
  5. Just got a nice chunk of short shares at 6.28...
  6. I hate Ford cars

    Fix Or Repair Daily
    Found On Road Dead
  7. lindq


    My favorite joke when I was 6 years old, passed along from my grandfather who owned a Model A:

    Q: What time is it when a Ford passes a Ford?

    A: Tin pass Tin.

    (Disclaimer, I'm long Ford. Long term. They may suck in the U.S., but are huge internationally.)
  8. I must admit that Ford is producing better vehicles now then at any point in the last 20 years. This 2008 Ford Taurus is not bad, adequate, by today's standards.

    However, I have no doubt that with gas prices at 3.5 per gallon that everyone still appreciates the Hondas and Toyotas.

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  9. Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge
    Forget Ford and short bonds, we can do that safely for the next fifteen years.
  10. bettles


    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Shares in automaker Ford Motor (F.N) could double from a turnaround being led by Chief Executive Alan Mulally, according Barron's April 7 story.

    While a recession could hurt projected sales, the story noted that Ford stock has a safety margin attractive to value shareholders, at its $6.49 price, near a 25-year low.

    According to the story, David Markowitz of value hedge fund SLS Capital, which owns Ford shares, sees it earning $1.44 a share in 2009, more than double the Wall Street expectations.

    Barron's said Ford has recently been trading at less than half its historical multiple at about 2.2 times expected 2009 cash flow.
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