Im shorting AMZN before the earnings and I dont care what the ET experts have to say

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. This madness with Amazon CANNOT continue. I am shorting AMZN and I dont care what anyone on ET has to say.
  2. cost basis right now is 82 and in the money as i type this...
  3. Breaking down, earnings release leaked.
  4. amzn has been the absolute annihilation of shorts. Hope you aren't basing it on fundamentals; playing with fire on this gamble either way. GL
  5. I sold some july call spreads about 5 min before the close, almost when stock hit the high on the close. Too bad I didn't do enough, I felt like I wanted to fill more, since the more I sold the more money I was credited lol. I'll probably walk in up 3k-5k on this tomarrow.

    I think AMZN is an short long-term. This company is over-valued and I think the underlying fundementals are weak.
  6. Haha. That was a horrible earnings call. Simply awful. Stock down 4-5% in the afterhours session.
  7. While flipping coins, you were bound to be right at some point.

    Too bad you don't trade with real money.

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    Really, looks like it's trading at 82.50 up in after hours.
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    Since you don't care what anyone thinks don't clutter up ET with useless posts.
  10. Well, when I was sitting down around 4pm price was falling and I was laughing my ass off. Threw a trailing stop on it and then came back to find me stopped out at around 77.5. Nice little trade for the day...
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