I'm shorting AAPL and GOOG

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  1. Buy-stop for GOOG is 625 and buy-stop for AAPL is 210.

    These stocks have gone parabolic on the usual hype from Cramer and CNBC. I know this can't last past Christmas.
  2. why is there no concern amount analysts of the staggering parabolic moves of 1000's of stocks from goog to aapl to whr to even mmm being up 110% in 10 months. this is what leads to crashes. i've been around many decades and i've never seen so many big cap stks in vertical chart patterns for so long
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    I started a thread a couple of weeks ago about shorting goog.
    I broke 1 of my rules by stating that.
    I was wrong . I think it was about 590-595.
    always watch out for funnyclaus.
    i'm with ya on the neg underpinings I watch.
    let it break tech. w/market so you don't piss against the perverbial.
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    wouldn't you least wait for a bear confirmation or some kind of bearish signal?
    the volume on this top isn't really high. so I don't think it's a climax yet
  5. I trade based on gut feeling. Charts and technicals seem to be of little value in today's market.
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    charts and technicals are saving me from my guts killing me.
    but I also do many contrarian trades intraday. still based on technicals.
  7. Mark up the winners...... so early Jan should be better short option.
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    Yea, definitely agree. I like goog short too, but you either have to wait for a breakdown on charts or a big volume flush, as the smart start dumping into those who chase. I can only daytrade this beast anyway, too much $. Need to split this thing and let the noobs play too.
  9. This is the last day to get short shares at such good prices. Come Monday, big selloff...
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    The only bearish case I have is that AAPL has overshot its bull trading channel, both the small one from 12/17 and the big one from 12/08.
    From 12/04 to 12/08 AAPL was outside its bear trading channel for three days.
    So in this strong bull the price can still trade outside its channel for a few days as well before pulling back.
    And then it will be just a pullback, not a new bear trend.
    So I don't see much profit potential for a short. 198 at best.
    I at least want to see some bearish action on an hourly chart for an early entry.

    There is one dead bull though... This evening on my platter. :p
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