I'm Short E-SPUs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Xuanxue, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Xuanxue


    Entry: 63

    Target: 32.75
  2. Xuanxue



    Whoever's the coward BTW rating my posts as worthless: eat a dick up until you hiccup.
  3. Xuanxue


    Flat for a tick loss. And with that, enjoy the holiday or get hit by a bus, depending on who you are.
  4. gobar


    i dont how to rate a thread but ur last call was pretty close one...

    i was thinking of going long but after seeing ur thread i am thinking of shorting...
  5. Tight stop for such a big target...
    Good luck
  6. Xuanxue


    I didn't use stops on that play. I knew if bulls had an exhausted move passed the triple top at the previous high, and being pre-market at the time you can't chase a good fill, I knew resistence would push prices hard from R1 to near breakeven and I'd reevaluate. At the stall, I bailed for a loss of a tick.

    I began thinking at the open last night that we're set up for a thrust rally in the weekly. It was looking like it was blown for a few moves. I thought I'd test the waters.

    We'll drift and chop here until the Leading Index report today at 10:00 EST and the Red & Beige Books Tues and Wed.

    I'm still looking for a top.