I'm seriously looking at airline stocks?--UAUA, LUV, LCC

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  1. Airline stocks might be coming back in play for me. Looks like these could break out, I like holding these on a wide timeframe 6months-1year, and it looks like oil might stay in check for a while, which makes me think these stocks could float up.

    I don't like the airlines in general, I think they are poor companies, but from a technical standpoint, it looks like you could make a nice 20-50%. Any second opinions.

    I'm bullish stock market in general till the end of the year. Everyone says stocks usually tend to lead the general economy 6months-1year out, and I generally agree with that.
  2. im liking that LCC
  3. mililani


    I think Jim Rogers also likes the airlines. One thing I don't like are the earnings. Holy crap, some of those airlines look horrible. Pretty much deathbed status.
  4. Was looking to get in on UAUA today, start lightly buying, like 10k-20k shares at like 3.75

    Didn't pull the trigger casue I'm seeing if I can buy quantity cheaper, If we trade above 3.80 tomarrow or wednsday, I'll probably buy 100k shares and swing trade it.
  5. I got in on a little bit this morning. Bought 30k shares at 3.80

    I would have liked to buy 50k or 100k but I didnt wanna risk being out 5k-10k if we broke bad on consumer confidence. Plus I would have been nervous when we broke back to 3.80 area, and might have bailed.

    I like holding 30k cause I could afford to take a big hit.

    Profit potential, I'm looking to sell above 5.00 if we can get there in the next 1-3 months
  6. Oil is going higher and tickets sales are stable which means lower profits. LUV and the rest are dead in the water for a while.
    Buy boeng since global demand will increase for third world markets.
  7. don't buy uaua until glenn tilton is removed as CEO
  8. AAI has a bullish chart pattern and is looking to make another run back up.

    They are the leader in cost-containment.
    Crude lower today, AAI rallies.
  9. AMR 9% bonds due in 2016 are selling for about 50 cents on the dollar. Worth considering for a longer, high yield holding. I expect they will be one of the survivors.
  10. BID BID BID up to 5. You suck crude. UAUA
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