I'm running for President

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hook N. Sinker, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Here is my platform:

    1) Eliminate taxes. I'll lay off the IRS. I remember H. Ross Perot saying that the IRS consumes 1/3 of tax revenue, we get no government for running the IRS. So I'm firing them all.

    I'll finance The Government by just printing money, inflating the currency. The Government inflates the currency anyway why not just finance everything that way.

    2) Fire most the Fed, except for the guys that print money. The only monetary policy we need is deciding how much inflation we can live with.

    3) Replace the Fed chairman with a rock. Why meddle in an economy that is capable of fixing itself?

    4) Outsource all government economists.

    5) Illegal aliens never qualify for USA social benefits. Foreign born individuals that become USA citizens never receive any USA social benefits.

    I figure that's enough of a shock to the US economy and I'll wait and see before I tackle jobs, healthcare, energy and war stuff.
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