I'm Rooting For Anybody Other Than The Chiefs!

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  1. Not because I don't like them... just that they don't "deserve" to still be in the running. The refs blew a critical call that likely cost the Browns the win.

    The rules on that SUCK! If the initial call had been "touchdown", the play would have been reviewed as routine policy. But because the ref ruled, "fumble through the end zone and therefore touchback", the play wasn't "reviewable". What kind of sense does that make? (If the play had been reviewable, it would have been obvious the ref missed the "helmet hit" foul.)

    Instead of the subsequent, "Chief's ball on the 20 from the touchback", should have been "Browns, 1st and goal from the 1".
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  2. Overnight


    I'm totally rooting for the Chiefs. Go Patty McHomes! lol!
  3. Green Bay Packers have already won the Super Bowl. It's a fact. :cool:
  4. Have to like your chances. Seems everybody I root for loses. Politics, football, et al.
  5. Relentless


    Be nice to see the Bills take it down since the rest have had their day in the spotlight.
  6. Overnight


    Mreh, don't be like that. I am a Chiefs fan now because I just love how Andy Reid and Patrick came from behind in every post-season game last year, and how they dominated this year. I really love the new young QB, he has spirit and a great attitude. He is very positive. He brings humanity back to FB, if that makes sense? He lifts my spirits.
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    You can never count out Tom Brady.
  9. True. It will be a heck of a game. But I am a Packer fan. :)
  10. SunTrader


    Ok, truth finally comes out. First there's was DeflateGate, then JupiterMassageParlorGate, now WuhanCovidGate.

    Tom Brady is behind Virus so he could jump to the Buccaneers (along with Gronk) and get home game in Super Bowl LV and sleep in his bed while opponent (KC or Buffalo ?) has to wait till two days before game to arrive in Tampa.

    A special prosecutor needs to be appointed. :D
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