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    That's what this email tells me. (Check out the line regarding the need for 'secrecy'. LOL.)
    We are pleased to inform you the released results of the EUROMILLION SWEEPSTÁKE LOTTERY PROGRAMS held on the 8th July 2008.
    Your EMAIL was attached to a ticket number 102/08 with serial number 000228 lucky numbers 4 5 5 6 4 which consequently won0the lottery in the 2nd category.You have therefore been approved for lump sum pay out of £10,600,000 Pounds(TEN MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS)in cash credited to file REF Nº: ESWL/2147/08/MAL.
    This is from total cash prize of £63.600,000(SIXTY THREE MILLION, SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND GBP POUNDS)shared among the SIX international winners in this category.CONGRATULATIONS! Your fund is now deposited to your name.
    **Due to the mixed up of numbers and names, we ask you to keep this award top secret from public notice until your claim has been processed ane your money remitted to your eccount"as this is a part of our security protocom to avoid double claiming, terrorists attack or unwarran ted taking advantage of this program by participants e.t.c.All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 40,000 names from Europe, America, Australia, Asia, and North America as part of our international promotiïns program, which we conduct once every year. To begin your claim please contact your claims agent: MR. Craig Bailey
    The Foreign Services Manager of EUROMILLION SWEEPSTAKE LOTTERY
    Helen Moore
  2. Congratulations! :p
  3. I'm jealous. Thats a way better deal than I got from the sister of the Deposed dictator of Namibia who needed me to hold funds in my account for a share of the proceeds. But hey, maybe we could buy private islands next to each other or something.
  4. That's over $21 million. You lucky duck you.
  5. Dad, is that you? Been looking everywhere for ya.
  6. It is really great when you win a lottery without buying a ticket.
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    Isn't it great?

    All I had to do was give Mr. Bailey my savings account number and my social security number to prove who I was. And by tomorrow afternoon he says I'll have the 63 million pounds in my account. Really amazing.

    My wife is upset at me for sharing that information. But what the hell does she know? The money isn't in her name anyway.

    Well, I guess that's the end of my trading. I'll be off sailing by the weekend!


    P.S: Sorry I can't say anything more. Mr. Bailey said they'd cut my nuts off.
  8. I think you misread your prize announcement. There were six winners, so you are only going to get 10.6 million pounds. I hope you are not too disappointed.

    My $23.5 million from my dear friend in Nigeria will be showing up any day now. I gave them my account number for my account in the very private Left Bank of the Mississippi in Washed Out, Louisiana. :D
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    how about the guy who won the lotto went to 7-11 store to get it scanned and the cashier ( acting pretty calm and smooth i must say ) said he was not a winner and then turned around and claimed the ticket himself for millions....i forgot how he got caught ..saw it on TV..will try googling it...too funny
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