I'm Raising My Prices 25%

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ByLoSellHi, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. I have to. I had to raise them 20% last month, so this amounts to a 45% increase just since June 1st.

    The staggering increase in my costs over the past few months have forced me to take these further measures in order to restore my margins.
  2. What business are you in?
  3. Please keep us updated on your rate and fee structure as the story develops. I'm subscribing to this thread and am calling Tokyo and London.

    edit: Tokyo's all busy. I can't get through to anyone. The Nikkei is starting to take a nosedive. I shall contact my offices in Hong Kong and see if I can get to someone over there. The BuyLoSellHi index is rocketing upward and I need to get on it.

    Stand by.. calling my broker for an extraordinary margin allowance..
  4. This thread was a feeble attempt at humor.

    I cut and pasted Dow Chemical's reasoning for raising its prices, and mirrored their price increases, as well.

    Meanwhile, the markets are selling off dramatically, with the good stock being thrown out with the bathwater.
  5. Meanwhile, the markets are selling off dramatically

    We'll have some good stocks selling cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. We'll have a level playing field months down the road when this is over.