I'm prepared for another FED pump

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  1. These assholes might just do the 100BP cut soon like before the market opens. We know they shouldn't do it with the dollar dropping but you know these assholes.

    We need full out capitualtion today. I have my upside orders ready....like they did late Jan.
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    they should not do a thing, its going to get even worst for the dollar and the overall economy if they bring rates down to historical lows, they are about 80-90% done doing what they have done, lowering rates is not the way to go about doing this. The bulls think that lowering rates makes everything better, well in this environment is DOESN'T.
  3. That game is over, fed has lost control. To much international money fleeing US equities. Fed is only digging it self deeper.
  4. It would be a sign of panic 1 day before the FOMC meeting to do an emergency rate cut just because stock futures are lower. I would not doubt that Bernanke is capable of doing such a thing, under pressure, he pushes the panic button. Everyone knows this.
  5. I know but I'm just talking about an upside trade. We know its bad to do it but they don't give a shit. The dominoes should fall but you have to be prepared for another bear spike.

    They should remain on the sidelines and let the market run its course today. Worry about upside tomorrow and let the market roll its heads.
  6. bernanke is nothing more than a puppet on a string. the strings should be connected to his testicles and yanked everytime he tries to placate the markets and puts the economy in longer term peril.
  7. i stopped trading usd/jpy before 8am just in case the fed decided to make some noise.
  8. lmao
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    many are thinking they will move today instead of tomorrow, wonder what this will do, pump the markets higher for another broad based sell off over the next few days....
  10. Well, I'm glad they didn't do it. Didn't get full out capitualtion wanted. Shorts aren't stupid and covered an assload(Bear Protection team I know did)

    I feel sick and am long XLF and DDM going into tomorrow but with breathing room. The ideal way it will pan out is futures get milked higher, GS reports tomorrow and with everyone anti-financials looking for the next blow up, both GS and LEH go up as there numbers are "baked in"...perhaps they fluff the number(The Street is relieved)BSC is the poster boy). Then everyone gets all cheery, loads up on financials in anticipation of 100bp, a FED induced sucker rally (very short lived) and I dump on the bid chasers and leave them holding the bag. It may hold, it may not but lets get that spike one more time.

    I want these fuckbags to run out of bullets. Fuck it, lets just do 0%, kill the USD just so equities fly one day and go parabolic

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