I'm predicting an Obama landslide

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  1. Could Obama Be Invincible? By CHARLES M. BLOW

    As we stand at the verge of the historic vote on the health care bill — a signature piece of President Obama’s agenda — it feels appropriate to take a look at how he has fared during the long slog that got us here. My quick assessment: remarkably well.

    First, let’s take his job approval rating. Yes, it slid during the summer, but it stabilized around 50 percent in November and has hovered there ever since.

    The empty-headed chattering class began another round of speculation and inane analysis this week when his approval rating dropped to 46 percent, its lowest yet. Silly pundits.

    It was a minor tick and overplayed. If I were a Republican strategist (God forbid!), I would actually be very worried that the lower 50s/upper 40s could be Obama’s bottom. He has weathered some of the worst months of his young presidency recently, and his numbers have barely budged.

    The second thing to remember is that job approval is only one measure of how well a president connects with the electorate.

    At the conclusion of his Wednesday appearance on Fox News, insolent interviewer Bret Baier interrupted the president for the umpteenth time to ask him if he thought that the health care bill would pass. Obama responded with a familiar line: “I do. I’m confident it will pass. And the reason I’m confident that it’s going to pass is because it’s the right thing to do.”

    This idea that he wants reform “because it’s the right thing to do” resonates with people. Whether they agree with him or not, they seem to genuinely believe that he has good intentions and that he is, at his base, a good man. This view of him has so penetrated the public that it often goes unspoken.

    But, it shows up in the polls, albeit in indirect ways.

    For instance, a Pew Research Center poll released on Thursday found that despite Obama’s 46 percent approval rating, 61 percent of Americans still say that he is inspiring. Furthermore, 57 percent describe him as decisive, 54 percent say that he still makes them feel hopeful and 49 percent said that he still makes them feel proud. Only about a third would describe him in negative terms like arrogant and detached, or would say that he makes them feel angry.

    This disparity holds true even among conservative Republicans, some of his most ardent critics. While only 12 percent approve of the job the president is doing, more than twice as many still view him as an inspiring figure.

    Regardless of whether the health care bill survives, Obama has demonstrated that he can. And if the reform bill passes, and his numbers rebound, I’m going to take to calling him Barack the Unbreakable.
  2. He has my vote in 2012
  3. Well this country evidently just like the alcoholic must hit rock bottom before reforming it's disastrous abuses .
  4. Crime, Treason and conspiracy.
  5. Describes the Bush administration perfectly
  6. Well ... even though i am a Republican ... I can't argue with you.
    Fact is ... most top officials work for the same inside power elite.

    Some shifting here and there ... but for the most part ... they have been on the same team since JFK.
  7. 2012 is an eternity. Obama will repeat unless the wheels fall completely off, which is more than likely.

    Spinmeister Rennick out:cool:
  8. Ever noticed it's those leftist's blinded by partisanship themselves that always invoke "partisan", or "piece of s**t Republican" that can't see their support for the elitist's agenda?
  9. Indeed ... then it is clear they do not love the truth and delight in deception and a demonic error.

    There are a few very solid democrats that have credible arguments and a semblance of platform understanding.

    Fewer and fewer on each side as time passes however.

    It is coming down to those who love the truth and justice and liberty
    versus those who love the lie and perversion and entitlement.

    Maybe new parties should be called "The Truth and Justice" party ... and "The Perversion Socialist" party.
  10. first obowma takes over the auto industry, at 18% of our economy, and now will take over the health care industry, which will equal 50% of the economy, next is the financial sector and it will be all over! Remember one thing... obowma is just a puppet, his puppetier is raum and ezekial emuanuel and david axelrod.
    if you support these characters then you should be happy in soviet russia, and any socialist/marxist state.
    This is the greatest bunch of thieves in history! A quiet complete internal non violent revolution from capitalism to socialism/comunisim.
    Use some simple reasoning as well: All this flack about his birthright, and yet they cant produce his BC, but they have it on file, but..they cant let us see it. Now..think..what if the situation was reversed, and this was gw bush whose birthright was questioned.. he would never get to first base without producing it..the left core media would desicrate him. That is the double standard going on here, as well as the war in afghan...no demonstrations, no outcries, entire opposite of bush's iraq, and this character just sent 30k troops over there. Double standard!!
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