I’m Practically Surgically Attached to My Hot-Water Bottle All Winter

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  3. I have never used a hot water bottle in my life, although I do pile several blankets on my feet only during the night to keep them warm.
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    Put a hot water bottle unther those blankets!
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  5. I've been thinking about one, but I have this (probably irrational) fear that it will leak.
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    Wouldn't an electric blanket be better? Longer and more controllable heat, bigger surface, etc.
  7. I made up my mind, I am getting a water bottle today.
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  8. Understandably, no one wants to sleep with a bed wetter.
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    Don't fill it more than one third...
  10. I figured that one out after the first night. :confused:
    All is well now though, the foot of my bed is finally dry again. :D

    Also, regarding the video of the kitties above, that was adorable to watch, thank you for sharing it, dealmaker. I hope the kitty that fell of the tree survived and wasn't hurt.
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