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  1. So I was out running some errands today. I stopped to get gas at a station, and as I went in to pay, I noticed an old Asian guy talking to a white guy at the pump island, but I didn't think anything about it at the time.
    After I paid for my gas and came back out to my car, the Asian guy approached me and in very broken english and a series of hand signs, I realized he was asking for a jump. This guy, Koren?,Chinese? Cambodia? Who the hell knows, except that he was some sort of Asian, was maybe around 65 years old. At least if he was a white guy, that would be my estimate, but with those little Asian guys, who the hell knows?

    So I said sure. I swung my car around to give the guy a jump. When I did, I noticed the person the asian guy was talking to when I first pulled in, was one of the pump jockeys. This cat was giving me a hellish stare down as I popped the hood of my car, and helped the old guy hook up the cables. The old guys car started, and he went into this bowing and thankyou routine. So I said you're welcome and have a nice day.

    The pump jockey comes up to me and seys “Dude, you better collect $65.00 for that”. What? I said. He went on to tell me that I was the fifth person the old guy had ask for a jump. Two wanted a $100 bill to “help out”, the pump jockey wanted $65.00 to help the guy out, and the other two wouldn't help him for any price. I told him fuck man, I was just helping the guy out, and I got into my car.

    Just before I drove away, the pump jockey told me that they had already called a tow truck because the old guy wouldn't cough up the extortion money.

    What the hell is this country coming to? How could we let kindness become so socially unacceptable?

    Anyway, I don't know if this issue is “politics?”, “religion?”, or unimportant chit-chat.
  2. Maybe you should move. Never been turned down for a jump and never denied another person a jump or filling a flat in my life.

    Where are you from?
  3. We are always helping each other free of charge where I live. We are just a bunch of backward country and small town people that have a few values left. The big city mentality is creeping in like a disease though.

    People expect the government to help someone in need instead of an individual helping another person. People just aren't in the habit of helping someone.
  4. I lived most of my life in the country, and when I wasn't traveling, only went to the city for work. I got sick of the long drive and moved into the city about 8 years ago.

    Portland Oregon
  5. chuck.ells

    You're a nice guy. Personally, I wouldn't waste another thought on the others who would not help, they made you look good.
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    yeah, you are definitely on the wrong side of the tracks ...

    Most of the people I know would jump at the opportunity to help a stranded driver....

    It's nice to go home knowing you helped out ... It sounds like you're surrounded by Meth addicts.