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  1. I believe we put a man on the moon.

    I tend to think there was not another shooter in the grassy knoll (less sure about this than the moon issue, though).

    I actually tend to believe planes, and not demolitions, brought down the WTC.

    I'm not 100% sure of the above, but I'm not going around tossing out conspiracy theories without some logical and credible proof of alternate causation.

    I will say this: I have never seen such bullshit with fed data, headlines regarding central bankers views on inflation, interest rates and the value of currencies 'leaked' to the press, and absolutely bizarre intervention by our own fed head on behalf of banks, whom he can not seem to do a big enough favor for (where does it end. Bring your worthless asset-backed paper to us and we issue you an equivalent value of minty fresh dollars in the form of treasury notes).

    And inflation data? Yeah...gasoline dropped two tenths of one percent last month. Of course it did.

    The dark side is rigging things like I've never seen before.

  2. "banking system is possibly the most successful ever created in privatizing gains and socializing losses"

    since maybe 0.1% of the population realise this AND we have a democracy, it won't end anytime soon...
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    The rest of the world is well aware that they are being shafted so that a handful of insolvent New York banks don't have to declare their insolvency and by competitive devaluations (aka beggar thy neighbour).
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    That's a great quote. I've never thought of it that way before, but it sounds about right.

    Question is, what's the solution?
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  6. Same thing with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Unfunded pensions on the back of ultimately the same workers or "socializing losses" among all citizens.
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    Wake up, Pal. You're not actually naive enough to think we're living in a democracy?

    Gulf of Tonkin didn't happen.

    Soviet threat was a known Paper Tiger.

    War on Drugs - Gov ships in the drugs.

    You believe the Office of Special Plans just so happened to get it "wrong" on Iraq?

    Americas business is War.

    Always has been.

    And you believe the MaGic Bullet theory? In one arm, 90 degree turn, out the other arm, 120 degree turn MID AIR....

    Come on, guy.

  8. bro.......u just demolished him

    anyone that doesn't believe in conpiracy theories needs to close their trading account ASAP......i'm not saing you have to believe every one of them.....most are full of shit........but so is everything coming out of the Ministry of Truth that every goverment has.

    the skill of a trader is in detecting bullshit and profiting from everyone else's ignorance.
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    There is little reward for whistle blowers, and a lot of leg work communicating a complex idea to the masses. I'm a bartender at a hotel and deal with lot's of executives for companies, and even the ones in finance related positions aren't critical of the federal reserve. There is a total disconnect, the masses simply don't understand.

    Ahh, then there is the problem of correcting the system. That is a bit complicated. The discount window and the fed funds rate should be pegged to the money supply. While the money supply is increasing, the interest rate should be higher and vice versa. This must be legislated.

    Additionally, the revenue of our federal banking system should be calculated and scrutinized every month and year. Obviously during inflationary times when the fed funds rate is 2.0% the bankings system is extracting $$$ from the system. In other words, whoever is borrowing money is being paid to borrow the money. This is a crime.

    If the money supply increases at a three percent rate, and a lending institution is only charged 2% to borrow money during a period, then they were essentially paid the difference, 1%, and they had the benefit of using the money for the period. It should cost money to borrow money.

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    Only one can be the "most successful." I don't disagree that the pension benefit guaranty corp. fits the description, but it simply can't be on as grand a scale.

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