I'm no longer an American ...

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  1. Watching that jagoff John Boner throwing a tantrum.

    It cracked me up when he went on about the seniors and the idea that medicare would be reduced by this bill.

    Are the US senior citizens so stupid or brain addled at their advanced age to forget that it was the republican scum who was opposed to medicare in the first place calling it socialism?
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  2. "tradgedy (sp)"

    Trag e dy...really tra jeek...


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  3. I've given it some tought...

    You all need to take up your machetes and start hacking away at these people's limbs

    The only thing I'm convinced of is the undying stupidity of the left. Consider, these vile people believe Gore will save them from typhoons,.

    If that isn't the definition of insanity, ...
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  4. "I've given it some tought..."

    Sure, you have given it some "tought" (sp)

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  5. Atleast it will be for the right reasons.

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  6. You are like the guy that will max out his credit card buying a couch, loveseat, entertainment center, coffee table and end tables and then says to his wife..."Hey...we already bought all this stuff, it would be idiotic to NOT buy a new big screen TV, Blue ray DVD player, Lamps and Stereo to go with it all.

    I think its this reasoning that 80% of americans are 1 illness/car crash/whatever away from bankruptcy.

    I say let those people go bankrupt. There is this little thing called chapter 7 where you dont have to pay the money back anyway. Why screw the rest of us if you dont have to pay your bill anyway?
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  7. You have an economics degree, right?

    You do understand then when the people declare BK on their medical bills, that doctors and hospitals, other health care providers raise their rates to compensate for the loss, and then the health insurance companies raise their rates, etc. creating a death debt spiral?

    You do understand that, don't you?

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  8. could you source this ... ive seen it three times now.

    it's funny, this guy contributes "tax cuts" as a primary cause of the deficit.

    my god, I'm getting the helll out of this country, before me laughing at you is made illegal. Can you in any way appreciate how healthy it is to detest you?
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  9. You don't understand how cutting taxes (reducing revenues) increases the deficit because we aren't able to pay off our existing debt and the interest it incurs?

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  10. Tax cuts,especially to the richest Americans,means less revenue.It shouldn't take a genius to figure out the rest
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