I'm no liberal but WTF !!!!

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  1. riddler


    How could you not perform a background check at a gun show or sell guns over the internet !

    Its crazy and a slap in the face to all crime victims.
  2. Everyone who buys a gun is "guilty" and a potential criminal, is that what you are saying?
  3. Imo, I'd say a "crime victim" who buys a gun is most likely to use that gun against another person. This scenario plays out in the hood everyday.
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    You have gotten so much misinformation and lies from the MSM in their attempt to impose gun control. Here's a few things you probably don't know. First, almost everyone who rents tables and sets up to sell at gun shows are FFL dealers. So anything they sell, just like if it's sold at a gun shop, requires that they do a background check. Second, any gun you buy over the internet cannot by Federal law be shipped to you, it must be shipped to a local FFL. Which means you then have to go to that local FFL/gun shop at which time they do a background check. So in both cases, for almost all purchases at gun shows (unless you randomly buy something from someone wandering around) and for all purchases over the internet background checks are required. But you didn't know that from listening to the liberal media, did you?
  5. Background checks are performed at guns shows when buying from a ffl dealer.

    Private sales do not require.

    How many criminals buy guns online anyways? That requires a face to face meeting.
    All other shipments are thru ffl, and get background check.

    There are never any background checks for street guns, and those go for pretty Damn cheap compared to retail.

  6. pspr


    +10 It's amazing the lies the MSM and liberals perpetrate on the public.
  7. jem


    thank you for explaining that Magna.

    I am planning to attend the next Del Mar gun show in San Diego and I have read it is at least as strict as you say.

    I was sort of disappointed. I sort of like to get my gear when I purchase it.
  8. Lucrum


    + 100

    OP, do some fucking research of your own for Christ's sake.
  9. riddler


    Background check at all gun shows....
    No one should be able to sell a gun over the net.
  10. Lucrum


    What are you stupid or something? Learn to read.

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