I'm no Jew lover, but ughhhh...

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    Unreal how people get when some Arab parents got get killed as the Jews went on the offensive. Like hello, they didn't want that shit, then stop acting like your so dam tough and stop talking that shit that your going wipe everyone off the planet that doesn't think Allah exist, or just don't cater to your religion.

    And I don't think it's the fact that children are getting killed, just a chance to take hate out on the ones doing the killing.


    Here;s what arabs do to eachother, guess it wasn't so bad though....
    http://www.godblesstheworld.us/imag...Shelter 8.jpg


    Ummmm somehow I think we've left a lot of children as orphans in Iraq, don't you? And I still don't what was in Iraq that we fucked up taht country for.

    Here retards...

    Guess since the U.S. were the ones that killed there parents, IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER.
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  3. The Gaza strip will remain a lawless & impoverished clusterfuck for decades at this pace. I'm beginning to think the only practical solution would be if the Egyptian government could somehow be persuaded to re-annex this entire FUBAR territory.
  4. Hehehe,
    "rational and objective"... ???? :p

    So - the "logic" employed here goes like:

    "Since the now executed dictator Saddam slaughtered thousands, and the US also killed hundreds of thousands ... then it is allright that the IDF kill thousands, even if it's 40% kids."

    That is just so simplistic that it must be called outright "genious"!!!
    Why didn't anyone think of that before?
    Oh, wait ... "an eye for an eye" and all that religious stuff.

    No one should protest or think anything bad of the IDF or Israel - because we all "accepted" the actions of the US and Saddam etc. Oh, and Saddam got executed while some Blackwater guards are on trial, and Bush is the most hated US President of all time... among other things like extremely hightened security for US installations around the world, and having a big target on your back for anyone seeking revenge.

    Yes - putting a lull to "thinking" really makes a difference. Who would have thought that... that was really intelligent. Now, I think I should go out and get rid of some favela slum cities... because that is what I can do now with "moral impunity", since "morality" has been proved to be "on my side". That is how I can slaughter thousands - and still feel good about it.

    Forget about being a human, or thinking about human suffering... I just go by "strong logics" - and I go the support of people like the above - who think it all makes good sense.

    Wow... :p

    I guess someone could try and integrate that "impressive logic" into the works of Reinhold Niebuhr and father Gary Dorrien - about "Just War"... if they want to be all religious about killing someone. Maybe include some ritual blessings or something...
  5. Actually the logic is quite simple - when people of Iraq, Rwanda, Darfur and many other hotspots were slaughtered by hundreds of thousands you and your ilk were absolutely silent and did not move a finger to stop or even protest those massacres. Therefore your current outrage against Israel's [justified] actions is a complete fake, you and your ilk are frauds and intellectually dishonest, hypocritical phonies. You have no real concern for human life, international law, palestinian people or innocent children, you're motivated by the hatred of Israel, the US and nothing else.

    This logic sure describes your views pretty accurately.
  6. Israel is not responsible for the civilians deaths. Its the Gazans. If they hadnt fired 3,000 rockets into Israel during the last year this wouldnt have happened. If Gaza didnt want all hell unleashed upon them, they shouldnt be firing rockets, should they? Alot of people say..."well its only the extremists that are firing the rockets...the civilians have no part of it" Bullsh*t!! Its their own family members that are firing the rockets and they sure as hell wouldnt tell israel if they did know who was firing the rockets to they are just as guilty. If they dont want their childrens lives in danger, they need to turn in their extremist relatives.

    And i find it sickening about people protesting now. Where were the protests when Gaza was firing 3,000 rockets into Israel? Its like, if you neighboor, and he comes over to your house 10 times per day and slaps you in the face, then after 3000 slaps(or about 1 year of this abuse), you go over to his house and kick his ass and then people say "HEY! you shouldnt kick his ass!" WTH??? YEAH you should! 3,000 slaps in the face, get ready for your ass to get kicked.

    Anyone who is against Israel IMO is the same as a terrorist.
  7. The REAL question is - what does that statement make you?
    It seems you define the world as "with you or against you" - and thus those not agreeing with you, as "your enemies."

    Simply weird, but commonly known as fanatic and extreme...
  8. The whole area is a dump. They should all just move. All those Jews in Israel, and there's not one decent real estate agent in the whole country?
  9. "Since the now executed dictator Saddam slaughtered thousands, and the US also killed hundreds of thousands ... then it is alright that the IDF kill thousands, even if it's 40% kids."

    Usually it takes some time to re-write history, but the radical left and other useful idiots now do it in real time.
    Actually it was Saddam that killed the "hundreds of thousands", while there is no argument that the U.S. certainly has killed thousands, most of them deservedly so. The casualties the IDF has imposed is no where near "thousands" and the "40% kids" is so exaggerated it's laughable.