I'M NO GURU .. but I am on a clean streak for 4 months now

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Do you think Hypnosis would help you? It helped me...

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  1. NO... that's silly.

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  2. Yes. I think it would help me.

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  3. Yes. I'll try anything to break the emotional attachment I have to my trading decisions.

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  1. I struggled with the usual GET IN , get out!? What do I do...took a huge loss that left me in the constant Paralysis Analysis and it took me a good year to start to think and reprogram myself to make sure I was confident enough to stick to my plan and trust myself again.

    I'm not sure if some people have the discipline it takes though to seek help through a hypnosis channel but I did. At first I thought it was a joke! But I did it every day and maybe it's just that I'm very sensitive to hypnosis but i've used it for my trading .. rubio trades helped me find a program that allowed me to be more confident and stick to my trading plan. In the end that's what gets us... doubt.. when the emotional part comes along and wipes out any and all of your confidence it's time to shut down and evaluate what your doing and how it can affect you further.

    I also subscribed to a few services that helped me re-evaluate my trading habits and four months later I'm confident again and honestly, I don't think I could have continued in this business if I didn't break my habits.
  2. Interesting post, friend.

    I recall in college a hypnotist was invited & "performed" for about 1,000 freshmen, 'self included.

    A friend of mine was hypnotized & did the craziest things, including rebuke his hat for not "knowing something" or something weird like that. It was very eye opening.

    Good luck with your quest. Tony Robbins is a favorite of mine but he subcontracts his hypnosis programs, I think.

    If you find any useful material, post it.


  4. Please say how rubio trades helped you find a program, do they do hypnosis too?