Im new to the trading world. any guidance would be welcomed! thanks

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  1. Hello All,

    I am a hard working 26 year old young man. Im a HVAC. Service technician by day. However i am very interested now that i am starting to have extra cash to learn and do my best to slip into the market as a day trader. I dont really care if i dont do well atfirst i just want to learn how to do it and more about how the market works on a daily basis pertaining to my money. I understand i could start on practise and tutorial stuff but i really just want to get set up with the right sofetware and get going with my idea. I am open to all suggestions and critisism i expect both good and bad. I have been reading and searching for day trading sofetware and good advise as to "the bestidea" of how to get started and the. Best tradi.g platforms and companies to deal with. Ive tried researching this stuff on my own. Its very confusing, this company says they got the best and that company says the same thing. I dont have any friends that deal anything with the market either so im just really looking for

    A kind (pay it forward style )of advice, the same kind i will give one day when someone needs advice from me.

    A good recommendation of company/trading software to buy

    What to look out for. As a "begineer", maybe what the sofeware wont tell me, fees and such?

    If nothing else id care to make a few connections, i live down in St. Petersburg Florida.

    Thank you all for reading my post and giving a thought to my concern and endeverment.

    Warm regards

    Mike W. Lynch