I'm new and I want to trade for a living.

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    I was thinking of trading on Nadex however people on the forums said it's not geared to be profitable. I really need to start a new line of work that can be done on the weekends. My career is a joke and I really need to look at other possible options. Please help me I have a family to feed and I need to find something that can be relied upon in the future.
  2. If You will start trading in commodity market then you will get good returns on your investment. Commodity is one of the best source to earn money. You can start trading with help of commodity advisory company. Then You have maximum chances to earn lot of profit on small investment.

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    From what you've stated, here's my advice: Don't.

    Simply put, becoming consistently profitable over the long run and being adequately capitalised to make it all worthwhile is a huge undertaking akin to training to become a doctor, lawyer or any other profession which requires long term commitment. Entering this field to try and meet your short to medium term financial needs is the absolute worst rationale possible.

    Please don't be tempted to be drawn in on anecdotal posts here or other forums about profitability or about it being "easy" or otherwise. Anecdotal evidence is just that: anecdotal. Instead, research the publicly available data of the fortunes of retail traders and other topics like Efficient Market Hypothesis and it's supporting evidence, so you at least understand what you are up against before you commit.

    By all means, don't be discouraged, but please understand what you are getting yourself in to before you turn out like most people here, who probably would have been better off investing their time in other pursuits.
  4. Do all "three" of you have the same I.P. address? :confused: :( :mad: :D
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    Nope not me. But now that I read it again , I wouldn't be surprised if the first two do.
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    Bright Trading is having a webinar, its a good place to start your research
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    Just banked 100 pts on the SP500

    Using RTT Market Timer

    google it..
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    Let's see....the OP just registered to post how badly he wants to trade on the weekends and you just registered to tell him what a great idea it is and how easy it will be with a CTA.

    In the off chance the OP is serious generating profits in the commodities market requires an advanced education and a high degree of skill. If you aren't using the tools professional traders are using there simply isn't a shred of chance you will make a dime. If you're serious about it get your butt back in school and study quantitative finance and computer programming. Any book you pick off of Amazon will tell you the importance of stops (among other useless things) and if you use them as instructed it will ensure your failure.

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    Since you got a family to feed, why are you even on this site? Shouldn't you be looking for another job?
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    Consider what, I believe, Warren Buffet says, "find a trend and get in front of it"

    I slowed my trading considerably about two years ago as my interests changed, I still trade some, but something I read probably here on this forum from old traders when I came here was, you only need to decide which way something is going and get on board. If you can't tell leave it alone.

    I subscribe to Larry Levin's email and he is becoming a 'perma bear' but won't admit it.. In a recent email he was ranting about how bad everything is but the S&P was climbing to new heights...what he was failing to consider (IMO) was the money was flowing into the S&P because there was no better place for it to go.
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