I'm never leasing a car again.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ang_99, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. I lease a new car for 27 months and end up getting a 400.00 bill at lease end for excessive tire wear and a second key fob that was not returned. I call the dealership and they tell me to shove my complaint up my ass basically.

    I never got 2 key fobs and the tires looked good to me. Who the hell replaces Pirelli tires at 25K miles?

    Total fucking scam. 400.00 is not the end of the world but its the blatant rip off that pisses me off.

    Thanks GMAC, first you get my tax money then you ass rape me for more.
  2. 400 dollars is cheap. Its common to see those bills go into thousands. Didn't you read the fine print?
  3. Wow...you could've gone to walmart and bought 4 new tires and got a key cut for less than that.
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    LOL. Why do people piss money away?
  5. Ummmm... not really.
    Do you have any clue at all about how much a new remote key costs these days???
  6. Right, its a 125.00 key, there is no "cutting" involved. The a-holes at the dealership only gave me one key, now its my word against theirs.

  7. How embarrassing!! I guess you aren't aware that new cars come with remote fobs these days, eh? Given your sickening, murderous religious extremism, I assume your priest told you it's a sin to buy a new car, and you drive a '92 Lada.

    It's funny... all my research showed me that it was a bad move to lease, even given the tax write-offs. I bought my car outright in 2007 (new). I still wonder about it, though. I would be able to just switch to a current model year car of my choice every few years. I make enough money that paying out a few hundred dollars a month more for a car doesn't mean shit to me.

    I heard just after I bought my car that dealers were tightening up on leases because they were losing money on them. Not sure if that's accurate or not. That was pre-meltdown.

    I guess this story shows that it's all about who you lease from.

    Sad to hear that a dealer treated you that way.
  8. I had a key with a computer chip in it. I told the guy at the hardware store to cut it anyways. The key would start the car but it wouldn't stay running but it would open the locks, so I tied the key under the frame in case I get locked out.
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    Piel is a murderer, I hadn't picked up on that.. Piel, you are NOT SUPPOSED TO MURDER PEOPLE, ok? Damn...