I'm never going back to crappy Lenovo monitors

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  1. Lenovo monitors I recently purchased:

    21.5 inch FHD IPS
    21.5 inch FHD IPS
    21.5 inch FHD VA
    23.8 inch QHD IPS
    23.8 inch QHD IPS

    All crap. I look at charts on a dark background. The colors hurt my eyes.

    Also, I play a lot of old school games. Those monitors can't even give me a 1280x1024 centered image. Can only set to fullscreen or maintain aspect ratio, which means still stretch image but proportionally.

    Bought a Huawei Mateview GT 34 inch curved VA monitor. Extremely happy with it and am never going back to Lenovo. Fake Chinese company that doesn't know if they want to be Chinese or American (that's y US regime never dared attack Lenovo because it's ran by race traitors which they love very much). Huawei is the way to go!!

    Yeah I know you can't offically buy the Mateview GT in the USA as yet because Uncle Sam hates Huawei and don't want them to do business there, but an equivalent monitor would be something with color accuracy delta E < 2.
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    Huawei & Lenovo monitors are made in China.
  3. Huawei is a real Chinese company.
    Lenovo is a fake Chinese company. Their founder is a well-known "race traitor" in China.

    Also, quality between my 1 Huawei monitor and all 5 Lenovo monitors are worlds apart!!
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    That is interesting;
    real Chinese company produces quality products.
    I used to think Chinese products are of OK quality, and the price is very attractive.

    I should take a look at Huawei Monitors.
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    Lenovo is (or maybe I should say was) former IBM stuff.

    If something is crap it is crap - no need to get into "race traitor" chit. Otherwise why did you effin even buy the stuff to begin with.
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    "I look at charts on a dark background. The colors hurt my eyes."

    I hate black background. So my questions are:

    1. Why don't you use a light background like grey, for example?
    2. Why did you buy 5 monitors without testing one first? I would have bought 1 and after a week or month if I am happy I buy 4 more.
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  8. I thought that Lenovo and Co just sources the panels from the same supplier and slaps their own brand on them. Boy was I wrong!! Lenovo panels are crap Lenovo uses the same software/firmware across all their monitor models whether cheap or expensive and boy does it suck like the aforementioned inability to center a screen resolution smaller than the physical one (for old school gaming).

    It might look funny trying to game a tiny 1280x1024 box on a Huawei 3440x1440 monitor in the center of the screen but at least Huawei lets me do it!!
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  9. I bought those monitors online. By the time I got them delivered, tested them and decided against, it was past the time frame to return them!

    And I didn't buy them all at once. I bought one, was unsatisfied and thought that maybe another model would suit me better.
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    Have you tried adjusting the contrast and brightness settings?
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