I'm moving to Texas, reconmendations?

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  1. I love having fun in Chicago's northside, Florida is a great state for domicile, but I've decided to relocate to the free state Texas.

    I'm a fan of bigger cities but not 10 lanes of traffic, so Houston is automatically crossed out. I love the bargains on housing found in Texas. I'd be looking to spend sub 120k. Not a fan of acreage or grass for that matter. All I need is a centrally located townhome. Ideally, what's the closes thing to Lincoln Park that can be found in Texas?

    No restive government controls (although I doubt that will be a problem in Texas) no HOA (these guys can be worse than the Gummit at times, Sheesh), and just an overall affordable cost of living.

    Preliminary results: San Antonio & Austin.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. You must not be much of a bond trader if you can only afford 120k for a house
  3. I never understood the need for large McMansions on acre lots. I have nothing to over compensate for plus it's just me and the occasional girl.
  4. I'm just busting your balls, it's better to not want more and live below your means anyways. People that wrap their self worth into what things they have usually end up miserable anyways

  5. I trade stocks, forex and futures part-time (it's not my main source of income. I still have a need for a salaried job). I don't even trade bonds :p, so you're right in a sense.
  6. Make out your will first. The Mexican gangs are in Texas shooting up anyone they want. Check out the gangland series on History Channel.
  7. I'm in San Antonio...and I LOVE the place!
    It has a good college crowd and is a big military town.

    The traffic isn't bad at all, but if you live up HW 281, it can get pretty bad from 4pm - 7pm.

    You'll probably want to live on the northside
  8. You'll definitely be alright in San Antonio, Dallas or Austin.

    That kinda stuff happens in the deep south....McAllen, Brownsville, and Harlingen.
  9. Austin or suburbs like Round Rock. It is the best part of Texas in my opinion. Lots to do and good weather. Hill Country is beautiful.
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    Austin is a cool city and the area around it is gorgeous, but probably full of the type of loons your trying to get away from. Most everyone in Austin ends up with allergies too, no idea why but its true.

    San Antonio is nice. I like DFW the most though, Ft Worth best of the two in my opinion.
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