I'm motivated to buy software. . .but 1st you're being solicited. . .

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    I've been trading options (index and equity) and stocks for sometime now and I am really motivated to put together a computer driven trading system.

    My goal is to put together a computer driven daytrading system that would allow me to apply "My System" to the market faster and unemotionally to a broader range of securities (stocks and options) than I can using the "free" and near free resources I do now.

    I am looking for realtime/tick-by-tick technical charting, historicals and AI to scan prospects, identify trading situations and potential opportunities as well as execute trades within parameters set by me.

    These are some of the software titles that have caught my eye:

    AIQ Trading Expert Pro (It just does stocks)
    AIQ Options Expert (It just does options)
    TradingSolutions Real Time Suite
    NeuroShell® DayTrader Professional

    I would be very interested in anyone's opinion and or experiences with these. I would also welcome any recommendations from anyone wishing to direct me to check out any comparable software or softwares.

  2. I use AIQ Trading Pro to daytrade futures
    - cheap: around 100$/mth with real time mytrack data feed
    - easy to use: you don't need to have programming skills to build custom indicators or program real time alerts
    - great support through a chat room
    I have attached a screen capture of my setup

    There a certainly more powerful and flexible software on the market (Tradestation, Wealthlab, Ensign....) but it all depends on what you need and on your programming skills.
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    Thanks for your thoughtful comments and the screenshot!! (Oooooh!! :) ) I really appreciate it.

    In your opinion does the Trading Expert program render charts sufficiently fast enough?? Do you find the AI "suggestions" timely and appropriate??

    Thanks again
  4. AIQ offers a free one month trial, and I tried it out last year. It did pretty well, especially in its market indicators.

    Another option might be the new Tradestation 7 product. It now costs $110 dollars for the software and the data (level II), and their commissions are 1.2 cents per share for equities.
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    Thanks for your response. :)