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  1. tla666


    Hello everyone.
    I trade brent oil.
    I want to keep a diary to improve discipline.
    Today earned 103 points.
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  3. To trade oil, with 1% risk which is $1000 you need an account size of $100,000

    Oil has contract unit of 1000 so a $1 move $1000 and 50 cents is $500

    if you on the wrong size of the trade..and account is only $5000, your down 10% in minutes due to high volatility of trading oil

    Maximum risk is 3%

    Too many traders trade oil with account size of $5000 and wonder why they blow up.
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  4. never2old


    welcome to the journal section

    consider for any trades that you make that you post the trade before and not after the fact with real numbers in ROC

    & good luck or maybe post what skills it is that you use to win?
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  5. For real traders don't post when your trading real money .paper trading who cares.
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  6. how big is your account?
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  7. I been trading crude oil just fine, keep my risk at $200-$250 per trade. Pretty easy too, just use limit order and wait for entry, put the stop where it needs to be.
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  8. destriero


    How much shit can you carry at one time?
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  9. Overnight


    If you want to post a diary to keep discipline, post your progression of making your 103 points in a day, like with charts showing your entries and exits.

    Otherwise this will just be your own circle-jerk of assumed trading prowess. I mean after all, to make 100 points in something like Brent or CL, it would have to move in a range of $100 per bbl. Because $1 is a point. So if we range 20 points in a day 5 times, you captured the full range up and down those 5 times?

    Jeez, is CL doing that these days?

    From the May CL crash to today on June it's only a 63ish point range?

    Or did you mean 103 ticks?
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    book them frogs man!
    delete bsnw.jpg
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