I'm looking to pay someone to backtest my strategies, in eSignal or TS

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  1. I'm willing to pay someone for them to write the code to backtest my staretagies. I have eSignal, if you know how to write code there, I'll tell you my strategy and you could write the code to backtest it.

    If you want to use Trade Station for backtesting, you must have access to it. I need to backtest it on currincies. If you have TradeStation and you know easy language, this is an easy way to pick up some quick cash.

    We can settle on the amount when you contact me.
  2. What kind of strategies are these (intraday,interday, futures, equities)?
  3. Intraday currencies, different time frames. 5,10,30,60 min time frames, etc.
  4. I think you can get Futures Truth to test them for you. I don't know if they still do it, but they used to.
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    I am very proficient in backtesting, EL and quite good in Wealthlab. I also am quite up on all the pitfalls vs real life trading (now that was an expensive lesson!)

    However there is pretty much nothing new in the market.

    I will try and help you out (don't particularly want paying at this stage) but if you tell me your logic I can tell you straight away if you are on to something new and worthwhile or not. At least save you a little heartache.

    PM me if you like. I will keep confidential.
  6. I thought about it, and it doesn't matter what you use to backtest it. As long as you can show me the results.
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  8. Try Moore Research Center (800) 927-7259. Used by Larry connors and Linda Bradford Raschke to backtest the strategies in "Street Smarts."