I'm looking to buy a Trading System from some1 automated or not

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by ProfChaos, May 15, 2006.

  1. vitalner


    I am currently using my own developped rather profitable automated Fx trading system connected over Advanz Auto4x directly to Gain Capital and I think this system can meet your requirements. It is in action 7 months and historicaly backtested for 3 years and 7 month on Tradestation 8.
    If you are really interested you will be supplied additional data and we can negotiate the price.

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  2. jaemerald


    I do have a system that you are looking for.
    It is only for forex and it is backtested for over 4 years. If you are really interested email me at jaemerald@sbcglobal.net:) :)
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  3. shame on all of you for not recommending me and my system

    Prof chaos guy PM me
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  4. With the available optimization that is out there today, I can find you a backtested system that will have produced MUCH more than 100% a year over the last several years. When we optimize the money management algorithms, and compound the returns, you would have worth $700 billion in just a few short years.

    Of course, when you went to trade it live in real-time, you would probably never make a penny. But hey, it's fun to think about.
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  5. tell me please at least one reason why someone will sell it to you?
    to take your money? but if this system is really profitable then why to sell it instead off explore it and get return$$$$?
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  6. zdreg


    are you trying to put investment newsletter out of business? the same idea applies.
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  7. asap


    It is a way of assuring an added stream of revenue or iow increase the overall profitability of any system. Say, if I sell my system to 100 people and collect $5000 per head and continue to trade the system I am, in fact, much better off than just exploring it because any system is prone to failure, so basically by selling it, I am adding a safety net to my ops by decreasing risk and increasing profits which is the main goal of any business. That's why hedge funds exit. The best business is selling intellectual property and the real money is made when we are able to convince others that we really have something to offer. Thus, the best money manger out there will make much more money managing others capital than managing her own.
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