I'm looking to buy a Trading System from some1 automated or not

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by ProfChaos, May 15, 2006.

  1. Looks like you have a pretty good system for valuation/ sale, Prof Chaos.
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  2. jerryz


    what is an acceptable drawdown to you?

    when you say you are willing to pay, what is the ballpark figure that you have in mind?
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  3. Yes - i agree with you completely.
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  4. peto


    Nah, just the ones people try to sell.
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  5. what drawdowns will you be comfortable with?
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  6. peto


    cue:- music to 'Jaws'
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  7. ProfChaos:

    If you are indeed serious, I will consider letting you in on one of my currencies systems, which has returned 400% per year over the last several years.

    Asking price is $3,000,000.00

    And no, I am not being facetious. This is a serious reply to your classified.

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  8. I forgot to mention that that 400% is returned uncompounded. You can apply compounding with whatever money management strategy you so desire.

    If you trade any kind of decent size, $3,000,000 USD can be recouped in a farily short amount of time if such a system is applied to a variety of currency pairs simultaneously.

    I also forgot to mention that this is a fairly high-frequency system, entering orders at maximum every hour. Average number of order executions is 250 per month.

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  9. How about 545% return in 504 days with just 54 trades?!
    (So I'm told by one of the posters at Stockfetcher.com)
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  10. dan05


    Hi Steve,

    I've been following for a while a system that seems to be able to predict and trade profitably the S&P market and others.

    I believe that depending of the margin used in ES trades, 100% annualy is possible with this system.

    Check their performance.

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