I'm looking to buy a Trading System from some1 automated or not

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  1. there are ways to secure your system so others can't reproduce or use on other machines. (like code inside dll's). all my systems export out to dll's and will not run on more than one machine. System trading has been very good so i don't think you should cast negitives on all trading systems.
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  2. take a look here...


    from Plunder and Flee Capital Management.
    Their systems are guaranteed to produce perfect trading results - utilizing a patented technology licensed from Hindsight Systems. I hear they are selling like hot cakes on eBay. :p
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  3. nononsense's SPECIAL
    What would you bid for a system with weekly 100% returns?
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  4. $2.29
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  5. sulli


    just curve fit it to handle every situtation over the past 3 years... then sell it to the dude. that is, if it's worth your time.
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  6. eagle


    Sigh, I mistakenly believed that the Holy Grail does not exist. Not only it does exist but also it's for sell. :D
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  7. I have an equities system that can almost do that. But I wouldnt sell it for anything less than $20 million up front. You would be an idiot to sell such a system unless the selling price was more than what it would make you in the next couple of years and you are impatient, which I am, LOL.

    In the long run, such a system will make you a lot more by not selling it and having the edge die out faster.
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  8. Star Trek is on TV in 20 minutes ... thank you for reminding me.
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  9. ProfChaos


    I'm not looking for the holy grail. I'm looking for someone who has a system that produces good returns for them and wants to sell it to me. And, I'm willing to pay a good amount for it if I see it trully works. It's extra money for that person for doing absolutely nothing other than sharing it with me.

    I made this post for serious traders not people who instead of trading post messages here.
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  10. I got a system GUARANTEED to make 5% a year with NO DRAWDOWNS whatsoever. What is it worth to you :D :D
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