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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mnx, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. mnx



    I'm looking for a piece of software (or a website for that matter) where I can get real-time unlimited most actives sorted by the exchange they are listed on.

    I think I can get that from Yahoo finance (if I pay 13 bux) but Yahoo has this tendency to remove random stocks..... (like WBR last week when it did 40 million shares was not listed under AMEX most actives.....)

    Any reccommendations?


  2. mnx


    Any suggestions?

    and while I am asking, does anyone know why Yahoo doesn't include some stocks in it's most actives? (is it related to market cap?????)


  3. nkhoi

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  4. mnx


    That looks decent, but it looks like they are missing stocks also. (EAG wasn't in the top 50 on the AMEX yesterday...) That and it doesn't go beyond 50 most actives by volume.....

    any other possibilities?

  5. Bob111


    create yahoo page, create whatever number portfolios you need to put all stocks into it. 200 tickers per portfolio as far as i remember..create excel web querry to get data from those portfolios and do whatever you need with it.
    if you need help with excel-there is tons of yahoo groups.
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