I'm looking for this e-book on .PDF

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  1. Linda Raschke Street Smarts. Email me if you have it. Thanks.
  2. My gawd. To come right out and ask for what would be a hot copy
    of this book is unbelievable.

    Next thing you know, people will be asking for some marijuana or
    crack or meth or coke or speed or acid or who knows what...:p
  3. How much exactly version? Wholesale quantities? I've become a little bored trading kiwis lately and might be interested in stepping up into another category.
  4. 2ticks


  5. Well... there is supposed to be a freighter coming in from Thailand
    that will have over 500 million pounds of Thai Bud laced with opium.

    How many pounds do you need?...:D
  6. I don't need it any longer. Moderators can delete this thread if they wish to do so. Thanks. :)
  7. version77

    You have to get over this middleclass mentality. You dont have do everything by the book. Do you think big companies and govt do everything by the book. The govt raises us to be honest and pay taxes so they can screw us the middle class when we get older. 300 billion iraqi war come on wake up . You must be in your 20's . Those were the good old years .

  8. Huh?

    Middle class mentality? WTS are you talking about?

    Maybe Baron doesn't want blatant plagarism posts on his board?
    Did you even think about that for a minute? YOU must be in your teens
    and believe it's okay to get whatever you want however you want.

    Maybe we can ask Baron if we can also open up a prostitution forum
    while we are at it. It's all over the place so it must be okay too?

    The gov and the War has not one iota to do with this thread. So
    why bring this into this thread at all?

    I know, you are one of the "Hey, let's fight the terrorist's here
    on American soil. We can wait for them to show up and then try to
    keep them from bombing the crap out of us. (Democratic party BS).

    Heck, even the poster wants this thread to be deleted. I am surprised
    it has not been deleted.

    BTW, I am not innocent of getting stuff for cheap. But I am smart
    enough not to put a post into a public forum asking for it.

    So there, guy who thinks he is older/wiser than me. Funny... LOL...

    BTW... Do you need a cheap Ferrari? I can get you one...:p
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    Also to charge on this book 180$ is pretty unbelievable too ;)
  10. There should be some kind of rule. When a book becomes older
    and the ideas in it become outdated and useless, it should come
    down in price. Like to $5 or something. Which is what this book is
    worth nowdays...:p
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