I'm looking for someone's Trading Record, your own or one you could make

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  1. I need atleast one year of a trading record, where you produce atleast 100% annual returns with small drawdowns. The more years you have the better. If you don't have one, but could produce one or make one with realistic trades, that is just as good. Let me know how much you want for it.
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    You starting a hedge fund? LOL:D
  3. I'll produce my results from last year. For 2005, w/ 5k of my own money (leveraged) I earned $120,000 net.

    PM me with an offer and I'll decide if its reasonable.

    PS I had about 10 down days all last year, the largest one was like $350 (since you mentioned small drawdowns).
  4. Jesus H Christ .... you couldn't come up with a diffrent screen name??? :mad: :confused:

    Now people will say im you!
  5. Impressive. Maybe not to some, but to me it is.
    Great work.
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    You trying the trick pulled by the BAWAG bank scion? He's the Hamptons swell who hung a billion-plus in losses on his dad's bank. That's what I read.

  7. I'm just looking for a good trading record.
  8. You trying to go to work off of someone else's trading records?

    Clever................ stupid..................... but clever
  9. I'm not trying to get a job, I just need the records, I don't think it's relevent what I want to do with them. If i choose to wipe my bottom with them, than it's my choice to do so. Makes no difference to the person I would get it from.
  10. i can do it ,how much you willing to pay ? or better yet give me real money ,all profit my,track record yours
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