I'm looking for software than can alert me to wide-range bars

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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for software that can alert me to wide-range bars for specific stocks. For example, if SPY has a 35-cent 3-minute bar, I would like to know about it, or if LMT has a 40-cent 5-minute bar, I want to know about it. Things like that.

    Anybody know some software that can do this, or something similar?

    Thanks alot,
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  2. You may want to take a look at Trade-Ideas. I use their scanner and it has that functionality I believe.
  3. I have Trade-Ideas, and unfortunately it doesn't have this filter. It has "Run-Up" and "Run-Down" filters, but they are different, not quite what I was looking for. I'm looking for wide-range bars of specific sizes, such as greater than 30-cents, or greater than 40-cents.

    Thanks. Any other ideas??

    +-*/ Math_Wiz
  4. Excel macro?
  5. dinoman


    Pristine's ESP has it for 2,5,15,60 and Day intervals.

    The scanner in mainly based on candlestick analysis
  6. Do you have Interactive Brokers data? You can connect that data to Microsoft Excel. If you're a Math Wiz, it would be possible to make an alert for wide range bars.
  7. It doesn't take a math wiz to do that...just some basic programming skills....probably can figure it out by visiting a few user forums online.
  8. Thanks for the responses, guys.

    I think the Excel programming might be a bit too complicated for me. I had Excel connected to E-Signal about a year ago with streaming quotes, and I could probably do it again. (I'm still using E-Signal). And I know how to do calculations. But how do you tell Excel to look at the high price and the low price of the current 3-minute bar? I mean how do you tell E-Signal to "Start the clock over again at 9:57:00?" for example.

    Also Dinoman, are users allowed to specify the size of the wide-range-bars in Pristine's ESP? For example, can you say specifically "Alert me as soon as a 3-minute bar has a range of 35-cents?"

    Thanks everyone,
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  9. You can also try TradeStation. In addition to being a good brokerage, they offer a multitude of charting and strategy tools. I don't personally use many of them, as my methodology doesn't require it, but there's a ton of stuff there. If memory serves me, I believe there's a built in strategy scanner for wide-range bars.

    In addition, TS has a robust programming language and a huge user community. If you can't find the built-in strategy, I'd bet someone in the forums probably already has one built. I've had no problems finding the stuff I need from people in the forums - they're very helpful.

    Hope this helps,

  10. Cool. Thanks for the heads up.

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