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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you're having a nice weekend.

    I'm looking for a trading software with ability to go to a specific time in the past in graphs, like tradingview offers. Unfortunately, you can't go back more than a specific time (limit is 20,000 bars) in tradingview even if you have the highest plan.

    What I'm looking for:

    - US markets
    - Ability to go back in time in graphs (I should be able to go back to a specific day and see 1 & 5 minute bars on that day, this is the most important thing I want)
    - 1 & 5 min bars
    - Heikin Ashi bar type
    - Live trading is not a must, but IB integration would be great.

    Everything else is optional, this is the minimum I want.

    I have tried ninja trader so far, not a fan. I can give it a second chance if I can't find an alternative.

    Waiting for replies, thank you for reading my post.
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    Mr. TNA

    Ensign 10 will do everything except no API. The program generates an ASCII file that I believe can be used with an API font end to connect to IB. Check Github for programmers to create the software.
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    TD Ameritrade is really pretty with its "OnDemand" feature. It will even allow you to playback the price action according to the TF that you specify in the past. Go check it out.
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  5. I forgot to mention it, I'm not US based. I'm Turkish. TD Ameritrade doesn't open accounts for Turkish citizens.
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    Sierra Chart has all what you need and much more:

    1) One minute data for US symbols going back to 2010 or earlier, tick-by-tick data for some US futures going back to 2011.

    2) Heikin-Ashi (plus all other common indicators).

    3) Interactive Brokers API support (real time charting and order entry).

    All data is downloaded and then stored on your PC so scrolling the chart back and forth is very fast.

    Sierra Chart was born over twenty years ago as a charting software which only supported two data feeds (Interactive Brokers and MyTrack). You would scroll through charts in a chartbook using F4 and F9 and scroll through chartbooks using F7 and F8. Custom programming language(ACSIL), order routing functionality, quote boards and support for more brokers and data feeds were implemented over time. The application is light on system resources and can be easily run on Windows 7 64-bit PC.





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