I'm looking for a /ES mentor -and i'll give you half my profits for 2yrs.

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  1. we will literally get a contract written and everything. If you can teach me to day trade futures, i'll give you half of my profits for two years.

    i'm struggling with consistency using Macks Price Action Trading System, and i'd like to learn from someone who is actually doing it.

    if i can be profitable for 3mo in demo, i'll take an account live with $10k, looking to make $500/day. id be splitting every penny i make with you. if i lose, you don't lose anything.

    just looking to learn honestly, and i want you to be compensated for your time. Thank you for your consideration.

    i'll need to see brokerage statements for the last two years before to verify consistency/profitability. i'm looking for someone making at least 15% per year after commissions. its a pretty low hurdle.
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  2. They


    Hmm, a mentor making 15% per year and your desire of making 5% a day. There seems to be a disconnect here.
  3. Overnight


    What if you never make any profits? How will the mentor be compensated for their time?
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    "Half of what you earn?"
    How much will you have leftover after commission, expenses & taxes, etc?
  5. danielc1


    I can teach you, but no way I'm gonna share my two year profit and loss statements of the accounts I have.
    Second, are you all ready there that you know it is you and your thinking that make you lose or is this new information for you?
    Third, have you struggled enough to be teachable?
    Depending on the answer of the above questions and some other things we need to talk about, I can let you see what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, how I got there and how you can get there. You want to make 500 a day and share two years of profit, fine. You need a 25% advance in an escrow account, you set on paper that if you do not exactly what we are talking about, then that money comes to me.
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  6. You live in Texas man. Your first option and best option is to join a firm in your city. Have you checked out Kersher Trading, Quantlab? Alphashark could be of interest to you as they may teach index options. Good luck either way.
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  7. No profitable trader worth learning from would be interested in such an agreement with a stranger.
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  8. im open to figuring something out! based on an hourly rate.
  9. haha i lose hundreds of fake dollars a day. i don't think any firm would touch me with a 10ft stick.

    i would absolutely love to meet a profitable trader in real life tho. Prop firm, bank trader, hedge fund, retail, whatever. just someone making consitent money in markets. I know one guy, a friend of mine, but hes absolutely nuts with his risk management and puts $90k into 3x ETFs to fade large moves. he averages down into trades and everything. so i don't quite consider him consitently profitable, because i feel like its only a matter of time before he gets ran over and loses the last 3 months of his gains.

    So ya, maybe i need to check them out. are you in dallas? i'd be more than happy to get you drink some place around here. i'm a full time musician and i know a few spots that are high-probability good hangs. haha.
  10. djporter91,

    Note: I am not a consistent profitable day trader, yet. I am still grinding it out. The comments below are just my opinions and personal experience.

    I commend you for your efforts. You are in the right direction and asking the right questions. I wish I had did this 4 years ago when i started trading, rather then trial and error and trying this and that.

    Keep looking for a mentor and quality trading training program/course to build your skills. Make sure the program provides one on one tutoring too and not just some course.

    Keep looking, even if it takes you a year to find quality training. Keep searching.
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