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    i am looking for a charting software that i can take a pattern and have the software scan for that same pattern, without having to write the formula out. any help would be appreciated.

  2. I believe MetaStock has a plugin by John Murphy... which will scan for things like "double top", "double bottom", "flag", "triangle"
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    flipflanger, i,m looking for a software that i can highlight a certain pattern and the software scans for it . is that asking too much. you must be a real smart ass? are you. do you trade ? or are you a jester?

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    thanks cabletrader. i would use it for currency futures.

  6. There is a free program put out by bullkowski, called patternz.

    Not sure if it will match your pattern, but there is a huge repository of known patterns built in (haven't played with it too much, but it's pretty nifty for what it is).
  7. Omnitrader by Nirvana systems has a plug in Chart Pattern module that identifies a multitude of chart patterns, all the wedges, trendlines, consolidations, support and resistance, saucers, volume, candlesticks etc. When you find a chart pattern identified that you like on a chart you just click on the pattern on that chart and it brings up all other stock charts in the database that display the same chart pattern, today, recent and past so you can see how the pattern played out.
    They make the best chart pattern recognition in the biz as far as I am concerned and absolutely no programming required.
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    thanks for all your input.

  9. patternz software seems pretty good However can someone advise as to how or where this can be added to a Vista program?
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