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  1. I'm looking for a broker to trade emini. Looking for one that offers $300 to $500 margins and free platform use with charts. Strategy runner, ninja trader or similar. I won't pay more than $4.00 per round turn. Any suggestions?
  2. How many round turns will you average a day.
  3. Are you a broker? That's my business and my brokers. Email me your telephone number and company you broker for and I'll give you that information. When brokers ask questions like you just did and want to learn how many trades I will be making a day, tells me that that broker is only worried about his commission and he is not looking out for the best interest of the trader.
  4. Brokers being in the business of generating commissions and all, it's hard to believe they'd be interested in finding out how much money you'll produce for them before extending you a discounted rate and margins reduced by 90%.
  5. Hes only asking because hes got know idea what you're business is worth. At the moment it doesnt look like much.

    Stay away from my broker because I don't want them looking after your best interests ... just providing efficient, fast service, and collecting their clip on my profits. :)
  6. Global futures gives $300.00 margins. Thinking of going with them. Any comments on them?
  7. lol for those $300 margins it's like $9 r/t
  8. Take it easy. I was asking because if you make a lot of trades it might be in your best interest to go with a professional clearing firm.

  9. Surdo


    An obvious piker if he is willing to pay $4.00 RT.
  10. What is a piker? Is that what you are? I never heard that word before. But then I am not into street slang teenager words. You must be either very young or uneducated to use such weird words.
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