I'm long on AAPL until 135.00 mid week.

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  1. Why do you see AAPL hitting 135 by next week? I take it that you do not believe that the iphone sales are already priced into where the stock is now? The stock seemed kind of weak the last few days, it seems to have a hard time getting back to 125 and holding. Do you believe that solely based on the number of iphones sold over the weekend, it will regain its momentum and shoot over 125?
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    I think it gets a premarket bounce monday morning to around 125 area, where it goes from there is anyones guess. I dont know how long the iphone hype can keep going. I mean cnbc was covering it 18 times a day. Its just a phone people.
  3. buy the rumor, sell the news. Simple as that. I sold puts and calls. I will short the stock, but waiting until every last geek and joe six pack barrels in.
  4. I believe that the stock should move up 12%-13% next week or 2. I could be very wrong so my "STOPS" are all in place. I will try to stick to my plans.
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    i think i would have to agree. just looking at a chart i see three gaps up. please correct me if i am wrong. the breakaway, the running gap and the exhaustion gap. the last of which looks like it took place mid june. volume peaked earlier in june...of course none of this means it's upmove is over, but if i were going to play it, i would watch real close for any further advances followed by selling.
  6. haha yea i made out like a bandit selling the june 130s, those were so overpriced going into the last week before expiration.
    spread the july 130s too the week after. theta has ate half the premium.
    agree, total exhaustion on the stock IMO.
  7. I don't trade stocks, but from reading the book by William J O'neill,"How To Make Money In Stocks", isn't that a high and tight pattern forming on the daily chart which WJO says only happens to a few stocks during a bull-run?
  8. Same here and adding
    The worst can happen is 114

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